Tips for Seasoning Firewood


  1. Plan Ahead – Seasoning firewood takes time. Cut as much wood early in the spring that you will want to sell in the fall. Or even better, allow the wood to season one full year before use. Some areas have laws that require firewood to be seasoned for six months to a year before it can be sold.
  2. Split It – Splitting the firewood allows the air to reach all sides of the wood, speeding up the amount of time needed to dry the wood.
  3. Keep It Off The Ground – Keeping the wood elevated off the ground reduces the amount of moisture the wood soaks up from the earth and also decreases the amount of bugs and fungus on the wood. Surplus wooden pallets make an excellent platform for keeping wood off the ground.
  4. Stack It – Stacking the firewood in rows or in a criss cross pattern allows the air to flow across the wood removing any unwanted moisture.
  5. Keep it covered – Using a tarp, firewood storage shed, or firewood cover will keep rain and snow off your firewood stacks.
  6. Use The Sun – The sun is a natural kiln for firewood. Use the suns heat to evaporate the moisture from the wood. Stacking wood in the sunlight will allow the wood to dry much faster than a cool shady spot.
  7. Pick A Good Location – Choose a location that won’t be in the way to stack and season the wood.
  8. Choose The Right Equipment – Using a sharp splitting axe or hydraulic wood splitter will make processing the firewood faster and easer.
  9. Consider A Storage Rack – Firewood storage racks can be purchased or made. The rack can be placed in a location and allow the wood to season properly. Most racks are fairly inexpensive or can be built with a few simple tools.