Seasoned Firewood is Selling Out

The firewood delivery business is a true supply and demand business. It’s only mid-October and available firewood supplies are dwindling throughout New England and prices are on the rise. It’s not too late to get into the firewood delivery business and take advantage of the rising prices!

MYSTIC, Conn. (WTNH) — This is the time of year people start thinking about how they are going to heat their homes.

Buying firewood tops the list for some but the owner of PDW Firewood says they should have started thinking about it a few months ago.

firewood 1 Seasoned firewood could be selling outFive years ago Phil Whittle branched out from his family’s farm business in Mystic and he now has a growing firewood clientele.

“I’ve already sold out of my own seasoned firewood,” says Whittle.

He still has a lot of wood left but the seasoned wood started selling this summer which is when he says people should start buying it.

“I have about a hundred cords of firewood that’s available,” says Whittle. “It will probably be ready to burn in January.”firewood 3 Seasoned firewood could be selling out

Some newspaper ads shows a shortage in some places. As the temperatures drop more folks start searching for firewood.

“Everybody does that at once,” says Whittle. “So then all of a sudden that creates a shortage because everybody buys up the available seasoned wood at that time.”

After Sandy and Irene firewood was everywhere.

“But now if we haven’t had hurricane in a couple of years there’s… trees just aren’t falling down really I mean they do once in a while,” says Whittle.

firewood 4 Seasoned firewood could be selling outHe warns people need to be careful about who is selling wood and what they’re selling.

“You never know if they split the day before or a year ago like they were supposed to,” warns Whittle.

He says you should only buy hard woods and only after the wood is split does it season fully.

“They have to start having cracks,” he explains as he holds a piece of firewood. “Just like a mud puddle when all the moisture dries out of it.”

He keeps his prices the same year round but others raise prices as the supply dwindles.