The Best Work Gloves for Your Firewood Business

Working with logs and firewood can be rough on the hands. Whether working the chainsaw or log-splitter, grabbing and moving logs or pieces of firewood, you will need a solid, durable, reliable pair of gloves. Working in the firewood business you need to protect your hands.

There are a lot of companies out there that make decent work gloves, some even particular to working in the firewood business. Typically, work gloves for a firewood business are going to be made of heavy leather or even kevlar. Kevlar gloves offer the best protection for your hands. Leather is going to be a little less expensive.

No matter what gloves you choose for your firewood business, they are going to see heavy use. So it’s best to invest in the best pair of gloves you think you can afford.

Here are a few pairs of gloves you can get from

endura chainsaw gloves for firewood business
Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves

Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves

Made from high-quality goat-skin leather, the Endura Hi-Viz gloves have extra padded palms and are designed for working the chainsaw. These chainsaw gloves meet the requirements for Class-0 chainsaw protection. They are also very lightweight, coming in at only 2.4 oz.

You can have them shipped directly to you from Amazon for $36.


Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves – $36

Husqvarna 584955104 XP Functional Professional Gloves

husqvarna gloves for firewood business

The Husqvarna XP Professional Gloves have reinforced rubberized grips and heavy duty elastic and velcro cuffs. The palms are synthetic leather and the fingers and back are vented to help keep hands cool and sweating to a minimum.

Husqvarna XP Functional Professional Gloves – $25.89