3 Essential Tools Every Firewood Business Needs

Getting started in the firewood delivery business can be done without investing in expensive tools. It can be, however, back-breaking work. As your business grows I’m sure you’ll want to make handling and moving logs and rounds easier. The firewood handling tools described below are specialty tools used by logging and firewood professionals for making easier work of handling and moving heavy logs and rounds. Investing in quality tools that may seem expensive at first but quality tools will last longer and provide for a much better value in the long run.

Depending on your business and tax situation, the price of the tools can be amortized as an business expense and can often be used as a tax write-off to help offset your income during tax season. Check with your accountant or tax professional for the specifics on how that works.

Log Tongs

Log tongs allow you to easily grab, pick up and carry logs and log sections with minimal effort. Log tongs will have a handle (sometimes two) and a pivot like scissors with pointed teeth at the ends that will dig into the log as you lift it. The weight of the logs will cause the teeth of the tongs to bite the log. Having the handle on the log tongs provides more leverage to ease lifting and carrying heavy loads by hand. Utilizing log tongs for lifting and carrying logs will also protect hands and fingers from the possibility of getting jammed between logs or between a log and something else.

fiskars-log-tongsLog tongs come in a variety of sizes. The width of the jaw spread will determine the largest diameter logs that the log tongs will be able to grasp. A quality set of log tongs will be an invaluable tool and will last for years.

The set pictured here, manufactured by Fiskars, is a decent entry-level pair of log tongs that will save your hands and fingers from being pinched while moving logs around your firewood yard for processing, cutting and splitting.

The come with a lifetime warranty and are available from Amazon.com for less than $60.

Fiskars Log Tongs, $52.95

Log Jack

A log jack is an essential tool for anyone that needs to cut up long logs into firewood length rounds for processing. A log jack allows you to grab a log with the hooked tooth, then use the jack to rotate the log and lift it off the ground enough so that when you cut through the log with your chainsaw you’re not sawing into the ground and ruining or dulling your chains.

Inexpensive log jack’s can be purchased at almost any big box home improvement store or discount tool chain store. However, most of those are weak, flimsy and prone to bending under stress. A quality log jack is a tool that will be under constant use in your firewood yard when cutting logs.

Woodchuck tools manufacture’s tools that professional loggers rely on and use everyday.woodchuck-quality-log-jack Buying a reliable tool that won’t let you down is important when you’re starting your firewood delivery business. The Woodchuck Log Jack is a well-reviewed tool that is available from Amazon for just over $100 and it is a tool that can handle logs up to 20″ in diameter and will last for years to come.

Woodchuck Log Jack – $104.98


A hookeroon is a wood-handled metal-topped log handling tool with a pointed end that is indispensable for moving logs around your firewood yard. It is also a tool that can be a back saver when loading and unloading logs and firewood length rounds from a truck or trailer. When choosing a hookeroon it’s important to choose one with a hardwood handle and steel head. A quality hookeroon is not expensive and will be a valuable tool in your toolbox that will last for a long time and will put up with a decent amount of abuse. The hookeroon pictured below is available from Amazon.com for a little over $40 and is highly reviewed and rated.


36″ Hookeroon $41.95