Starting a Firewood Business



Firewood Delivery Business Plan

Starting a firewood business is a sure-fire way to earn virtually unlimited income in your spare time. This book, Starting a Firewood Business – Updated for 2016: A Primer on Creating a Firewood Business In Your Spare Time, by James R Griffin, is a definitive business plan and provides a turn-key system for starting, growing, marketing and managing a firewood delivery business. Following this firewood delivery business plan will get you on your way to earning a part-time side income from home.

Throughout the United States there are millions of home owners that burn firewood to heat their homes, cook and smoke food, or just provide a warm, comfortable ambiance around their homes inside and out. Plus, the hundreds of thousands of restaurants and businesses that use firewood for cooking in brick ovens, smoking BBQ and other foods that rely and depend on the firewood delivery business.

This guide contains both a business plan and marketing plan that will help you create and build a firewood delivery business starting from scratch.

What’s Inside?

Included in this firewood delivery business plan:

  • How to create and package firewood products with the highest margins and greatest profits with minimal efforts
  • How to get free firewood inventory for your firewood delivery business
  • How to market your firewood products in the most effective ways and places
  • How to establish and retain recurring high-profit customers
  • How to find the most lucrative restaurant and business accounts in your area so you will earn top dollar
  • How to get started and build a business with recurring customers for establishing and sustaining a steady and consistent stream of income all year long
  • … and much, much more …

This guide covers both a firewood delivery business plan for starting out and an outline for the complete operation of a firewood processing and delivery business.

This guide is your roadmap for success and starting this quick cash business in your spare time with little or no up front out of pocket expenses.

Business Plan Bonus Material

This book will teach you how to:

  • Get FREE firewood inventory
  • Process and sort different types of firewood
  • Create firewood products to maximize highest profit per cord
  • Create sales and marketing strategies
  • Execute tactics to quickly establish a large recurring customer base
  • Get the maximum amount of efficiency from your firewood products
  • Create Products to cross sell and up sell to your customers for high margin add-ons

This guide will show you how to put in the least amount of effort to maximize your income! The amount of income that you can earn from this business is virtually unlimited.

This guide covers the basic operations of a firewood delivery business, sourcing and seasoning firewood, and provides you the tools and guidance on marketing and sales strategy, and business growth and expansion that will help you on your way to earning maximum amounts possible in the firewood delivery business.